Vina Vegan

Vina Vegan


Location: 395 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Rating: 17 / 20

Family owned and operated since 2009, Vina Vegan was brought to life simply to share traditional Vietnamese vegan recipes with people who simply wanted to eat better. Vina Vegan strives to serve cooking with a completed plant-based and the freshest local produce.

Well ever since Loving Eden of Glebe closed down almost a decade a go, we have put Vina Vegan a head of the game. With a new warm furbish, they have finally grasped the consistency of signature dishes after buying the business from another family owner. It is comforting to state that Vina Vegan has the cleanest recipes in town. Not as oily, not as salty and not as sweet as many of the vegetarian restaurants out there. A wonderful variety of fresh starters, stir fries, hot pots and famous seaweed and vegetable fried rice!


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