Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus


Location: 341 / 343 King St, Newtown NSW 2042

Rating: 16

Launched in July 2015, Golden Lotus Vegan is the realisation of a childhood dream — to blend healthy foods and fresh ingredients with a great atmosphere and friendly service. Growing up in Saigon, we adored the way our traditional Vietnamese family combined locally available ingredients to create flavourful, nutritious meals.

Okay, so these guys definitely know how to operate, the place is buzzing with locals and food troopers. It seems that asian vegan restaurants is rocking it in Newtown, Glebe and Surry Hills! However, not only owners have really build a strong following but they were able to expand into two shop fronts within a 12 month time frame since opening!

Zooming in to the extensive menu, although too much mock / gluten can be hazardous, we are impressed by the terrific varieties of favourites – laksas, dumplings and salt and pepper goodies! Freshly squeezed juices and coconuts are available, I mean come on, what a great way to balance the salty, sweet and spicy favs!



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