Be more humble

Old School Chalkboard

Every now and then like a bubble in the ocean, our false ego comes up into the surface of our presence. This false ego means false identification of who we really are. What is false and what is truth is another big subject but to keep it simple today, the sages say that truth is what never changes and false is a constant change, it is temporary and  inevitably will cease to exist. So with this simple idea, we often get attached to our position in the world or a particular environment, or situation. We are constantly in fear of loosing that position or our preferred situation. The more we see that these temporary positions, environments are nothing but a field, a medium for a deeper connection then we can develop a sense of detachment or even a sporty nature. Yes it means, we don’t have to falsely renounce anything but actually play our roles in the world and yes cherish our gifts and privileges but only as means to understand who we really are – a pure spirit that simply wishes to love and be loved. We are all intimately connected and we can help each other along our journey of understanding the Self. This encourages a harmonious and universal path.

#humility #grace #yogaoftheheart

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