Finding your self

Old School Chalkboard

There was a beautiful gathering in India a few years ago, the topic was based on depression, when we fall into this state of inertia, lamentation, it is often due to unfulfilled desires. You were either attached to a particular situation or you cannot find a way to fulfil your personal goals. You rack up your brain for so long, you have spent so much time, used all your energy and yet you still cannot achieve it. Essentially, you believed that you were somebody that you are not. All this effort and fixation on the misidentified self. The teacher said “We need to flip the attention”, bring focus on serving and helping others. When we bring focus on the welfare of others, this false misidentification of who we are will naturally drop. By serving and pleasing others, it is a gesture of pleasing The Divine as we are all parts and parcels of The Divine. The witnessing of joy that comes from others, we begin to find joy within ourselves. 

Karma yoga is the yoga of selfless service to others, accompanied with complete mindfulness and with no reservation which means not wanting anything in return (no attachments to the results).


The Dream Team (above) – Academy of Yoga Science



The Villagers (above)

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