Just Breathe

A dear friend is currently going through some difficult times so today’s quote and open diary is dedicated to her …

In this life we get designated a certain amount of pleasure and a certain amount of pain due to our past actions. Pleasure leads to attachments and pain forces us to naturally reject against it or repulse. The state of being free from both pleasure and repulsion is the state of samadhi. One can say, “Wait a minute, I heard samadhi is pure bliss”? Well, there are different levels in samadhi and this simple definition is just one level. 

The manifested world that we live in is full of superimposed ideas which is designed to cover the natural state of the spirit ~ pure bliss. So we get bombarded with propositions, situations that we have to deal with and go through our journey of experiencing pleasure and pain. STOP!take a deep breathe in, pause and hold for 2-3 heart beats, exhale slowly and harmoniously. This simple instruction is the process of regulation of breath which leads to the state of pranayama. The importance of this process affects your consciousness, your way of thinking, your speech and your action. A teacher once said that “Pranayama can over ride all medical healing sciences today”. This teacher was also a General Practitioner of Medical Science! Hold on to your seats, because here is something that’s going to blow your mind … It does not cost anything! The only cost is allocating regular times daily.

There are two ways of depleting energy – physical exertion, and mental stress.

My message and offerings to my dear friend and anyone who is going through tremendous hardships, anxieties and depletion:

Open the doors to the science of breath awareness and deep relaxation.

  1. Yoga Nidra is a science of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and on a subtle level, releasing negative mental impressions.

     2. Simple breath awareness and pranayama

Being guided by a qualified teacher is best, however, there are resources on the internet that you can download and listen too.

Note: When you begin the practice, allocate the time specially for you and with no interruption, let be your daily dose of bring balance back, a healthy body full of energy, a peaceful mind and lightness within the heart.

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