The house and its’ contents

How can we help others if we cannot help our selves? First we need to understand who we really are. Within this question lies the branches of many but to priorities – Why is there suffering? What is the purpose of my existence? Is there a God? Who is God? What is the ultimate goal of life? How can I be happy?

Whooooah Chai … tell the rickshaw to put the breaks on because I still haven’t finish my chocolate brownie!

Understanding the self is really where the journey of yoga begins. Then we can we bring on the big questions.

The so called self – one day we wake up with this body, mind and emotions and so we have to deal with the house and it’s contents. We need to know how to utilise the house and how to use the contents properly so we can evolve. Evolving means to evolve all aspects of our being – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Only then if you have the inclination one can begin to study the externals also known as the field of material existence.

The ABCs of spiritual life is that the body is only a medium for understanding the self. The self lies within the heart region (Anahata) and also know as the atma, the spirit that drives body and mind. It can also be termed in modern science as the witnessing consciousness.

To be able to expand our consciousness is to know both the internal and the external world. The traditional practices of yoga is to embark in this notion of expanding our consciousness. Often we hear that there are many branches of yoga such as karma, jnana, raja, bhakti yoga etc. In today’s modern world, it becomes even more confusing because people are simply making things up and calling it another name. A friend of mine once said “Love is love Chaitanya”! and so I would to say to you that “Yoga is yoga”. It is one path to self-realisation! The methods of mantra, hatha, laya and raja are simply mediums to work with our conditioned nature. This whole journey is simply to come back home to our most original nature – pure consciousness and it will always express Love in many various forms!

Question: Have you done your personal practice today?

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