The body is your temple

The three energies of material existence are Tamas (inertia), Rajas (over-active) and Sattva (complete balance). When yoga talks about the ideas of purity, cleanliness, lightness and clarity, we are referring to the Sattvic qualities and how we can increase this in daily life. This is based on complete absorption, what are we putting in? Not just what we eat, but what we invite in through the eyes, through the nose, through touch and most importantly what we hear. Yes, your whole being is like a sponge and you can control of what you soak in.

Everything comes into play, the choice of food, music, association of people etc. This is not a session on the gunas, however, we do need to know what we are really dealing with everyday. Although embracing the sattvic qualities is the focus, it is not the end game by any means. It is simply a way to remove such obstacles or negative elements such as suffering – indigestion, anxiety, diseases are all obstacles in yoga. When lightness, clarity is established it is a springboard for the subtle practices of yoga. It is like the collection of good soil before good farming can take place, and healthy crops are produced.

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