Understanding the contents of the house – body and mind

“Pramana viparyaya vikalpa nidra smritayah”.

So today we go deeper into the contents of the house (the body). Every single moment we are engaged in these fivefold modifications – correct comprehension, incorrect comprehension, fancy which refers to our imagination, sleep and memory. The essential message here is that the fluctuation of thoughts (vrittis) are what needs to be removed. However, there is a misunderstanding that removing these means to be unconscious. Consciousness is the very proof that pure awareness exists, it is our very true identity, it is never inert, it is ever so present and free. I always thought the consciousness is the same as awareness, however, a teacher once said that consciousness is the contents of awareness.

A crystal has the power to absorb different colours in its appearance, you put the colour blue next to it and then the crystal is blue. However, at some stage when we begin to remove the colours and objects next to the crystal, there is the original state – crystal clear, pure and luminosity. The atma, the spirit is ever so present, it is pure, blissful and free. When we are not experiencing this, it means that we have been influenced by the external environment and have been covered. Yoga uncovers such blankets of illusion.

As we go deeper to our essential nature, you will find that our so called external environment are nothing but expressions coming from consciousness. That is why, yoga promotes simple living, only take what you need, then there will be less items you have to deal with and eventually let go of.

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