What is wrong knowledge?

                              ~ Viparyayo mithyajnanamatadrupaprathistham ~

The second vritti is based on false understanding which needs to be remove. The mind will have a tendency to speculate and entertain things that are contrary to reality. It sees only what it wishes to see, hears only what it wishes to hear, it does this by first blocking what is actually in view.

One can mistaken a rope for a snake, however, the misunderstanding can be corrected simply by enough sun light or knowledge (viveka).

False understanding is the source of our affliction, ignorance (avidya), for it blocks the view of what is – reality. The reason why this sutra is so important is that being in a state of false understanding, it projects a distorted sense of self-identity. We develop a sense of attachment or repulsion. Why? … in todays modern world, we have been mis-informed that we are either lacking something so we need to attain it or we need to get rid of certain objects, qualities or change the natural environment. Essentially, the constant changes, decay of matter is the key of knowing what is false, and what remains the same – the “witnessing awareness” represents truth. The study of Purusha (Pure Awareness) and Prakriti (material energy) opens the intimate relationship between the changing vs. the unchanging principle.

Reference – Four Chapters of Freedom by Swami Satyananda, The Secret of the Yoga Sutra Samadhi Pada by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

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