“When the food is pure, the whole nature becomes pure; when the nature becomes pure, the memory becomes firm; and when one is in possession of a firm memory, all the ties are severed.” ~ Chhandogya Upanishad


Our food directly affects our mind …

The food that we take is transformed in three different ways: the gross or the heaviest part of it becomes the excrement; that of medium density is transformed into flesh and the finest part goes to form the mind. Just as in the churning of curd, its fine particles rise up and are transformed into butter, so when food is consumed, the subtlest part rises up and is transformed into mind.

Food has a direct and intimate connection with the mind and plays a vital part in the make-up of the mind. A clean and light (sattvic) diet calms the mind. Spicy, hot, salty (rajasic) diet excites the mind. Mark the difference in nature between a tiger which lives on flesh and a cow which lives on grass. Food exercises important influence on the mind. You see it clearly every day. It is very difficult to control the mind after a heavy, sumptuous and indigestible, meal. The mind runs, wanders and jumps like a monkey all the time. Alcohol causes tremendous excitement in the mind and eventually the after effects creates dullness, lethargic and inertia (tamasic) state.

In short ~ fresh, easy to digest and grown locally is the most ideal! 

Natural healing with Ayurvedic cooking

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