Our Team



Nancy brings a harmonious flow of breath and movement, she has completed her 500 hours Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Pranamoves. She continues to explore the various traditional techniques and allows you to embrace what is most suited for your personal practice. 



Tamara presents a very dynamic and powerful sequence of yoga. Tamara has completed her 500hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Pranamoves. She is well trained in science of anatomy and continues to advance her training in the traditional practices.  Her classes are well balanced, a wonderful combination of energising and calming techniques. 




( Ram ) Ramunas Buja

Ram has completed his 500hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Pranamoves, he is a regular practitioner of Vippassana meditation and is currently studying Kriya yoga through Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) Paramahamsa Yogananda linage. Ram has a very soothing approach to his group classes, always a well round practice of asanas, pranayama and meditation.




Kelsey is a former New York City advertising and marketing professional turned yogini.  She spends her time spreading the wisdom of Patanjali (the sage author of the Yoga Sutras) and helping people to relax into a life of wellness.  She teaches hatha and restorative group classes, in-office corporate classes along with therapeutic private sessions.   As she’s personally seen the tremendous healing power of yoga, her passion is offering one-on-one therapeutic yoga for people managing stress, anxiety and other health issues.  She uses the tools of yoga – physical postures, breath work, meditation and relaxation, as well as her knowledge of and degree in Psychology to help her clients find contentment and a path back to health.




Symone has completed her 350hrs Hatha Yoga Teacher training and holds a Bachelor of science degree as an Exercise physicist. Her approach is very holistic and accommodates all aspects of your health and well-being. Her classes like all Hatha yoga trained teachers, will include asanas, pranayama and mindfulness meditation.



( Chai ) Chaitanya

Chai presents a harmonious approach of breath and movement with awareness. Through the practices of Hatha yoga,  he presents a sequence of dynamic yoga postures, breath expansion and deep relaxation. The approach is quite simple, he encourages you to embrace all aspects of your being – your physical and mental health, balancing your emotions and creating a sense of clarity and lightness.

He met his first yoga teachers Yogi Charu and Sudevi Sundari in 2006. Ashram experience  – 4yrs. exploring various paths of yoga. With over 10 years of dedication to yoga life, Chai is a qualified Hatha yoga teacher, his training is based on the traditions of Hatha, tantra and meditation. He continues to learn from senior teachers such as Eileen Hall (Yogamoves), Carolin Coggins (East Redfern Yoga) and Swami Satyadharma (Academy of Yoga science).